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Medical labs in Sri Lanka

With the latest technology and equipment available in the country, CDEM’s clinical laboratory guarantees highly accurate results, delivered promptly, with the utmost assurance of quality.

Our laboratory is geared to carrying out internationally-accepted test methods for a host of medical conditions, including those not related to diabetes.

Our daily quality control as well as the monthly external quality control ensures that our laboratory is on par with internationally-accepted standards. With each department having a group of consultants who double check and approve the relevant test results before they are given to the patients, we assure quality and accuracy.

Value and professionalism are at the core of our team’s objectives, with staff training workshops being conducted every six months and periodic quality assurance checkups being carried out.

Speedy results

Our expert team of doctors and lab technicians delivers fast results, including special endocrine tests, within 2-3 hours. This enables patients to get tested, receive accurate results quickly, and consult a doctor on the same day. We value our patients’ time, so we use a prompt SMS system to alert them when their results are ready, with an option to receive alerts via email.

Rapid response

If test results indicate something urgent or critical, our team will also inform the patients of doctor availability, facilitate appointments as soon as possible and send patients reminders to consult the relevant doctors.

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