Foot Care

Diabetes can cause the thickening of the walls of small arteries through gradual build up of fat deposits which can eventually clog and harden the walls of blood vessels. These narrowed blood vessels curtail blood circulation to the lower parts of the body which results in wounds on patients’ feet and legs taking an extended period of time to heal. Diabetes can also cause nerve damage that would, in turn, cause patient desensitisation to pain. Peripheral neuropathy could also lead to conditions like diabetic feet and gangrene, leaving surgeons no choice but to amputate.

Complete service

CDEM’s Foot Care Centre is well equipped to take care of all patient needs including screening patients’ feet for minor deformities, calluses, nail problems, corns, small wounds, diabetic ulcers as well identifying the need for amputation. The Foot Care Centre will also undertake clipping nails, removing calluses and corns as well as treating deformities and ulcers.

Preventive foot care

The CDEM Foot Care Centre team is also committed to preventing foot-related complications before they occur, especially considering the complexity of the issues. The team puts special emphasis on patient education and imparting vital tips on how to prevent these problems, as most of them are avoidable. CDEM’s team of dedicated vascular surgeons and consulting surgeons specialised in preventive foot care are amongst the best in the country, while the Foot Care Centre’s experienced team of specially-trained nurses and orthotists are entirely capable of taking care of all patient needs even in the absence of a doctor.

Additional assistance

In cases of neuropathy, the Foot Care Centre does not only screen patients but will also refer the patients to other departments for further treatment if needed. The clinic also provides patients with custom-made diabetic footwear if necessary. Our friendly team will even assist you to select the best footwear to meet your unique requirements.