CDEM’s physiotherapy team comprises a team of highly-experienced professionals who are geared to providing patients who have disabilities or debilitating injuries, with effective rehabilitation. Our highly sought-after physiotherapists and their dedicated team provide the best in terms of movement coaching, effective exercise routines, manual therapy, weight management, injury prevention, health advice and much more.

Obesity management

With our small gym-like setup, CDEM’s Physiotherapy Unit is fully-equipped to combat the ill effects of obesity through physiotherapy. Our physiotherapy team, guided by expert consultants, formulate the perfect exercise and weight management regimens for our patients, based on their individual case files.

We advise our patients on prevention of heart-related complications, weight management, safe and effective exercises, and the prevention of other side effects such as the strain on the limbs as a result of obesity. We aim to target your problem directly and cut out all the unnecessary strain on your body.

Diabetes-related conditions

Diabetes can cause a host of complications which may debilitate or disable patients if left unattended. However, a professional physiotherapy team can often save a patient from surgery or amputation. The Physiotherapy Unit at CDEM also treats neuropathy patients as well as other diabetes-related complications such as frozen shoulder and trigger finger.