Eye Care Centre

Those suffering with diabetes are more likely to develop eye-related complications such as glaucoma and cataract as well as loss of vision due to the abnormal growth of blood vessels in the retina. CDEM’s specialised Eye Care Centre fields a team of dedicated and renowned ophthalmologists, highly-trained nurses and access to the latest available eye care technology. Our Eye Care Centre has the capacity to not just treat patients with diabetic eye diseases but also those with non-diabetic eye diseases. We believe in early detection when it comes to eye-related complications and you can reduce your risk of visual impairment by visiting our Eye Care Centre.

Focussed care

Our eye care consultants are Sri Lanka’s best and most experienced eye surgeons and retinal surgeons. Our team of highly-trained consultants are paired with some of the latest available technology as well as well-qualified optometrists, and is geared to perform laser treatment as well.

Optical shop

We even have an optical shop at our Eye Care Centre for your convenience. You can now get your eyes tested and buy a pair of spectacles or contact lenses at an affordable price, all under the same roof and within a short duration of time.