Sexual Medicine

Sexual Dysfunction Clinic

Erectile dysfunction (ED), or the inability to develop or maintain an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse, is a problem that is common for men around the world. Stemming from a range of varying causes, including poor long-term blood sugar control, obesity, high blood pressure, or stress, many men suffer in silence as a result of the social stigma surrounding the condition.

Best treatment in the country

CDEM’s specialised clinic offers patients the most trusted clinical therapy in order to overcome this condition with the aid of one of Sri Lanka’s leading sexologists and a team of experienced and skilled specialists including andrologists, urologists and endocrinologists.

The care we offer is not limited to the physical, as we understand the mental impact of this condition. The Sexual Dysfunction Clinic also offers patients individual psychosexual counselling which guarantees an all-encompassing recovery to bolster and rejuvenate their sex lives.

Our clinic offers comprehensive care for male and female sexual health issues and provides patients with state-of-the-art evaluation and holistic treatment for a variety of andrological problems; all under one roof.

Cutting-edge technology

The CDEM Sexual Dysfunction Clinic offers patients the latest technology with regards to treating this ailment. Shockwave treatment has been successfully implemented around the world and it is now available to patients, for the first time in Sri Lanka, only at CDEM.

This breakthrough treatment uses the impulse of acoustic energy at supersonic speed in liquid medium and induces neovascularisation and development of collaterals to improve blood flow to penile tissue.

The ED1000 vasculogenic treatments are simple, non-invasive and pain-free and have a success rate of over 70% around the world with long-lasting positive effects.